We are delighted to share our new releases:

This release includes:
2018 Prêt-à-Rouge
2018 Blauburgunder
2018 Indigo Shiraz
2018 Obstgarten Riesling
2017 Brunnen Pinot Noir

Now is your only chance to get your hands on our 2018 Blauburgunder,an experimental Pinot Noir batch we made in 2018 that all indications tell us we’ll be keeping going in future years. Inspired during his internship at Weingut Keller in Rhinehessen for vintage 2015, Jeremy had for several years been wanting to make a ‘Red Riesling’: Klaus Peter Keller’s description of Pinot Noir. We obviously already make Pinot Noir, but this is cast through a very different lens. It’s essentially a white-drinking red wine, and Blauburgunder is the Austrian word for Pinot Noir. Plenty of fragrance, bright acidity and light handling in the cellar make a perfumed, low tannin Pinot Noir ideally suited to taking a light chill in the warmer months. It’s already just about gone but we’ve got a few cases held aside for mail order. The 2019 Blauburgunder has a skin contact Pinot Gris for a sibling, which will be labelled Grauburgunder; a red-drinking white wine – geddit?
Another new face is our 2018 Indigo Shiraz, the best two barrels of the Indigo Shiraz parcels the we make our Rouge blend from. Since we’ll have two barrels of 2018 Thorley Shiraz to release in September, we thought it would be fun to show two Beechworth Shiraz with identical winemaking, similar soil types (Ordovician mudstone and shale) but 500 metres difference in altitude informing a huge difference in character. Our winemaking is pretty fresh and lean in style.

Tess Brown