We are delighted to share our new releases:

This release includes:
2018 Prêt-à-Rouge
2018 Blauburgunder
2018 Indigo Shiraz
2018 Obstgarten Riesling
2017 Brunnen Pinot Noir

Now is your only chance to get your hands on our 2018 Blauburgunder,an experimental Pinot Noir batch we made in 2018 that all indications tell us we’ll be keeping going in future years. Inspired during his internship at Weingut Keller in Rhinehessen for vintage 2015, Jeremy had for several years been wanting to make a ‘Red Riesling’: Klaus Peter Keller’s description of Pinot Noir. We obviously already make Pinot Noir, but this is cast through a very different lens. It’s essentially a white-drinking red wine, and Blauburgunder is the Austrian word for Pinot Noir. Plenty of fragrance, bright acidity and light handling in the cellar make a perfumed, low tannin Pinot Noir ideally suited to taking a light chill in the warmer months. It’s already just about gone but we’ve got a few cases held aside for mail order. The 2019 Blauburgunder has a skin contact Pinot Gris for a sibling, which will be labelled Grauburgunder; a red-drinking white wine – geddit?
Another new face is our 2018 Indigo Shiraz, the best two barrels of the Indigo Shiraz parcels the we make our Rouge blend from. Since we’ll have two barrels of 2018 Thorley Shiraz to release in September, we thought it would be fun to show two Beechworth Shiraz with identical winemaking, similar soil types (Ordovician mudstone and shale) but 500 metres difference in altitude informing a huge difference in character. Our winemaking is pretty fresh and lean in style.

Tess Brown

We've got small amounts of a range of wines on offer, more variety than we've ever been able to send out. You can even buy a completely mixed six or a dozen's worth of pairs. It feels awfully grown up!

2017 was the kind of season we would in some senses like to get every year, because we like lightness in our wines, higher natural acid and slow ripening. However, it's more important for us to be able to parse the differences in the growing conditions each year through the wines we make, so we content ourselves with these bright, light and aromatic examples for the time that we have them.

This release includes:
2017 Thorley Shiraz: (less than 150 bottles)
2017 Obstgarten Riesling Selection RSB (less than 150 bottles)
2017 Brunnen Chardonnay
2016 Brunnen Pinot Noir
2017 Prêt-à-Rouge

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Tess Brown

Hello friends, 

Another harvest has drawn to a close. It blows our mind that it's already our fifth vintage.

This year we've harvested our second crop of Thorley Shiraz - two barriques this year instead of one - and coaxed the first 300 kilograms of Chardonnay from Thorley also, which has made a single barrique. These small volumes feel something like the accoutrements of legitimacy. We might just be actual live vignerons after all.

We'll start pruning in a few weeks and the Chardonnay, which has struggled so much since planting, looks almost healthy with warm ruddy brown canes of a good thickness with healthy buds. The trunks on our Shiraz are thickening slowly and cane length is getting longer, and almost all of the Riesling, and definitely all of the Nebbiolo will be up to or on the wire once we cut off everything spindly and unnecessary. Whether or not these slowpokes will have fruit for us in 2019 is a secret held within their buds. I could slice the tops off them with a scalpel and look for bunch primordia with an eyeglass, but it kills each bud you look at, so we content ourselves with mystery instead.

2018 has been warmer, drier, earlier and the wines look at this stage a little more plump and dense. We'll know more after we bottle the 2018 Prêt-à-Rosé and 2018 Prêt-à-Blanc in a month.

Tess & Jeremy

Tess Brown

We bought this beautiful block of land at the end of 2012 from a multigenerational apple grower Bill Detlefsen and his wife, Barbara. Bill’s great uncle, Oliver James Thorley, selected the block upon his return to Australia from World War 1 and it had been in the family for close to 100 years before we bought it. It grew apples without irrigation, crops of potatoes and ran grazing sheep.

The name Thorley means 'thorn clearing' in old English, which is a fitting description of the open north-facing paddocks that are surrounded by forest and the odd huge stand of blackberries. It seemed fitting to continue this connection to both the land and its colonial (at least) history. Thorley ranges from about 800-840m altitude and has an annual average rainfall of 1100mm, balanced by free-draining, low fertility soils derived mostly from ordovician era shale, slate & mudstone. 

We’ve planted two hectares of medium density vines covering the varieties Chardonnay, Riesling, Nebbiolo and Shiraz. We’d love to expand the vineyard in the future and hope these varieties will tell us which way we should go. The climate is marked by cold winters, mild to warm summers with high diurnal temperature variations, all of which is great for promoting later ripening with high natural acidity.

The first wine from this vineyard is Shiraz which is currently available. 

Tess Brown

VS&B is chuffed to be included in Gourmet Traveller’s article “Beechworth's new winemakers”. GT spoke with us about the hard work behind our budding vineyard in the context of the incredible Northeast region. Their story introduces the great legacy of the Beechworth area with producers like Giaconda, Castagna, Sorrenberg, Savaterre and Fighting Gully Road. It highlights some of next generation of winemakers including our peers, and good friends, Chris Catlow, Pete Graham, Scion, Simão & Co and Eminence Wines

We feel so grateful to be in such great company! Read the full story on the Gourmet Traveller website.

Tess Brown

Young Gun of Wine is an award that recognises talent amongst the new crop of wine makers. They have announced its ‘Top 12’ list for 2016 and Vignerons Schmölzer & Brown is thrilled to be amongst the finalists. The winners will soon be revealed at a special ceremony.

In addition to this great honour, the incredible wine publication Alquimie has included a story on the Awards which beautifully features the wines of the finalists.

Tess Brown